Intrusion Detection

The Reliability
Your business deserves an intrusion detection system that you can rely on. When we design such system for you, we make sure that it's a bullet proof system that you can rely on at all times. Adobe Communications is an absolute expert when the subject is intrusion detection. We have over two decades designing, engineering, maintaining and improving intrusion detection systems in Las Vegas. With a system put by us, you will ensure the safety of your property and employees. Our systems have the capability of remote control and a reliable notification system that lets your known when there are suspicious activities in your building. Our intrusion detection system is also integrated with our surveillance and access control systems, providing your business with top of line equipment and technology to protect it.

The Warranty
We will warranty and mantain your system up updated and running, call us now and get a quote!

The Quality
Every time you hire us to do a job for you, we will analyze, design and engineer a system that is just right for you. By using superior quality products, skilled and trained technicians, Adobe Communications can maintain its quality extremely high. We do not use cheap components and low resolution cameras like some of the competition, in fact, we encourage you to always use quality components. We are known for having what is needed to provide superior quality to our customers.